Come to the well

Avskavd died a little. But now, slowly resurrecting from winter coma, seeing the future brighter and with all our releases available for download, still free. We feel alot better.  Expect more updates, more music and more….other interesting stuff..



Silently introducing..

Quiet and discretely, Drepdem announces a nice little something for you in the shape of a three track EP.

On this release Drepdem has created a more ambient and personal experience, sounds to sleep to, sounds to die to.

Inspired by the never ending universe, the loss of elders and questions never answered. The sounds were recorded “live” and intimate in a room that is no more. Alot of dark matter, for that matter.

Free to download: Drepdem – The Black Hole EP

solen blir aldrig ung


Release number nine has arrived like a punch in the gutter, 19 minutes hard hitting guitar noise from I of the mourning.

put your headphones on, lay down on the floor and försvinn into the depths of one’s mind.

as always our releases are free of charge, download it now: I of the Mourning – One

Dissonans 09

Avskavd in collaboration with Styrelsen has the honour to present:

Dissonans 09

Avskavd Forks you up

The release of Fork, is now. One full length album, one EP and one single. Download the whole unnerving experience now. For your health.

Seven tracks that came to existence somewhere in between 2006-2007. The album is a ride with  sounds that are harsh, bombastic and white noise is to be expected.

This EP contains four tracks. Beginning the ride with the track “Kaffe” we finally end up in the dreamy little tale of “Världar.” Mellow synthezisers, unrest, uneasy soundscapes.

The single “Slätt” is a coffee-stained fever ride of oscillating synthezisers.


Norrland, known for its wide forests, large rivers , untouched wilderness…and from this day forward, Vìldgû.

There is not much to say , little is known about this act, Let the sounds speak for itself, what is known is that it will hit you, in your gut.

download it free of charge, you will find it right Here, and under “Releases”

interested in buying a cheap but worthy cd-r version for only 20 rikspengar? send us an e-mail,  avskavd [snabel-a] gmail [dot] com

or leave a comment with your e-mail, and we will contact you.


New art(ist)

Avskavd has the honour to present “I of the Mourning” a swedish noise/drone act who which recently did a live performance at Perspectives Festival in Västerås Sweden. The web release of this live performance will be hitting your harddrive now on Saturday 09.05.16. Free download of this 24 minute experience + artwork. where to download? just click the “RELEASES” link above the Avskavd logo, there you will find all releases. We welcome I of the Mourning and hope to hear more sounds from him in the near future.

for more information about this interesting act, visit: